Terms + Conditions

Advertising Terms + Conditions

The following are certain terms and conditions governing advertising published by Denver Style Magazine (“Publisher”) in the print and digital editions Denver Style Magazine (the “Magazine”), as may be revised by Publisher from time to time.


Commission and Payment:

1. Publisher requires payment in full for advertising upon terms determined by Publisher prior to publication of any advertisement.
2. Agency and advertiser are jointly and severally liable for the payment of all invoices arising from placement of advertising in the Magazine and for all costs of collection of late payment.
3. If an account is placed with a collection agency or attorney for collection, all commissions and discounts will be rescinded or become null and void and the full advertising rate shall apply.
4. Invoices are rendered on or about the on-sale date of the Magazine. Payments are due in full by the ad deadline for the applicable issue to be included in the magazine.


Cancellation and Changes

1. Publisher expressly reserves the right to reject or cancel for any reason at any time any advertisement without liability, even if previously acknowledged or accepted. In the event of cancellation for default in the payment of bills, charges for all advertising published as of the cancellation date shall become immediately due and payable.
2. Advertisers may not cancel orders for, or make changes in, advertising after the issue closing date.


Publisher’s Liability

1. Publisher is not liable for any failure or delay in printing, publishing, or circulating any copies of the issue of the Magazine in which advertising is placed that is caused by, or arising from, an act of God, accident, fire, strike, terrorism or other occurrence beyond Publisher’s control.
2. Publisher is not liable for any failure or delay in publishing in the Magazine any advertisement submitted to it. Publisher does not guarantee positioning of advertisements in the Magazine, is not liable for failure to meet positioning requirements, and is not liable for any error in key numbers.



1. Advertiser agrees the submitted advertisements contains no copy, photographs, text or other content or subject that violates any law or any copyright.
2. Accepting an advertisement for publication in Denver Style Magazine is not an endorsement of products or services advertised.
3. All pricing information is confidential and advertiser may not disclose information without written consent.