Studio A

Studio A

from 45.00

Picture Perfect Studio

Book the naturally lit Photography Studio A with pull down backdrops that make product and model shots seamless and stunning.

Studio A Booking Includes:

  • Studio A (does not include Makeup/Stylist Bar)
  • Array of colorful backdrops
  • Full use of DSM Props, stands, tables, equipment
  • Rolling Racks
  • Light Snacks + Beverages in the Kitchen
  • Playroom for kids
  • WiFi
  • Parking

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# of Hours:
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Terms + Conditions of The Studio Rental

  1. Invoices must be paid in advance.

  2. All pricing is per hour and includes 1 DSM staff member arriving 15 minutes prior to rental begin time and staying up to 30 minutes past studio rental time.  Any additional time will be charged at 1.5 times the rate per 15 minutes over original agreement time.

  3. You and all your belongings must stay inside the specified space you rented. You are responsible for clean-up of the space you rented. If a DSM staff member must clean up after you, you will be charged $30.

  4. If you have more than one bag of trash, you must take the trash out to the dumpster on the outside of the building.

  5. You may bring in food & drinks. If you need access to the fridge, please confirm with us ahead of time.

  6. We have two small clothing racks if needed. You must bring everything else you need with you.

  7. The Studio contains beautiful natural light. There are also outlets if you would like to set up studio lighting.


The Studio is located at 4950 Washington St. Denver, CO 80216. We are on the second floor of the Project Angel Heart building. You can park on the north side (the side facing Butcher Block Cafe) Come in through the Volunteer’s Entrance on the same side. Head up the stairs and to the right.