Sponsored Content Post - Content Created

Sponsored Content Post - Content Created


We create and post content that makes you the go-to-expert!

Sponsored Content Posts Include:

  • Posting of Edited Content to DenverStyleMagazine.com 'Denver Style Daily' Section
  • Home Page feature of Content for 1 Week
  • Social Media Postings to promote content (up to 4) on DSM Social Media Channels
    • 1 Post-Prior to Initial Content Posting
    • 1 Post Day of Posting
    • Up to 2 Postings following Original Content Posting Date
  • Content Promoted in 2 Bi-Weekly DSM Newsletters

DSM Content Creation Includes: Up to 2000 words of edited content about your brand, product, or event, 15-minutes of photography in space or of products, 6 edited web and social media ready photos for you to use. 

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